Unnatural History is an educational/activist project whose aim is to raise awareness about global and local gender inequalities that occur worldwide in heath care, education, workplace etc.

We communicate these issues through virtual embodiment, creating VR experiences that allow viewers to empathize with the person whose body they inhabit in VR. This has also proven a useful tool for raising awareness about invisible but profound and systematic social inequalities.  In June 2018 we presented the first episode of the UH series called (S)HE [ (sexual) health and equality ] that explores gender inequalities in sexual and reproductive responsibilities.


Our future goal is (1) creating a series of short VR experiences rooted both in research and personal stories collected from all over the world, and (2) designing an awareness campaign that involves media publications, workshops and educational materials.

In partnership with CRI Paris, W.A.X. Science & BeAnotherLab 

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